Golf is a common cause of back pain

All sports exercise is good for your body but there are times when over exertion, or perhaps a strenuous routine can cause muscle and back pain.  One of the keys to all sports activity is to properly warm up through stretching and slower practice swings before getting on the first tee.  Too many golfers simply arrive in the car park, set up their bag and trolley and walk straight onto the tee!  It is only surprising that more injuries are not caused through this lack of preparation, the golf swing is a very vigorous movement and your body should be prepared for it.

A golf swing will cause spinal rotation as the shoulders and hips are turned first of all on the back swing and then quite violently on the follow through to hit the ball.  It is this sudden energy release that the swing demands, which may cause back soreness and muscle aches and pains. These usually become more apparent the day after a game.  Muscles can build up unwanted adhesions in connecting layers which, if not released by treatment can be the cause of pain and injury.  Many golfers are turning to massage therapy for everything from pain relief, increasing range of motion and flexibility, to injury prevention.  Massage therapy has been around for a very long time and professional sportsmen know the value of it to maintain their performance.


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Common areas of golf injury pain

If you’re a golfer then at some time you will have probably felt back or muscle pain and it usually is most prominent in the lower back or the side of your torso in both men and women.  These aches and pains is your body telling you that there’s a problem that needs addressing and one of the best ways to get pain relief and remedial treatment is sports massage from someone qualified in deep tissue massage.  I am qualified for sports massage to level 4 and I have a lot of experience treating sports injuries which is why I can count an Olympic gold medalist, professional footballers and golfers among those that I treat.


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Pre-event Massage

At the start of this page I highlighted the need for a proper warm up before undertaking a round of golf. If you’ve got an important competition coming up or simply want to perform at your best, why not book a pre-event massage with me to enhance circulation and reduce muscle tension?


Post-Event Massage

Did you know that after a grueling tennis match, Andy Murray first has a bath in ice water and then a post-event massage. During a hard game muscles become slightly torn and twisted so a massage designed to restore natural shape to aid recovery and regeneration is the fastest way back to top performance.

This is also the case for anyone who may not be performing at a high level but simply enjoying a regular golf game with friends or members and who want to ensure their bodies stay in good shape to do so. Yes, I do treat professional sports people BUT the majority of my clients are regular people and anyone can benefit from the types of massage I offer in Swansea. Whether you simply want a therapeutic massage or a golf injury massage just give me a call and arrange a session, I guarantee you will enjoy your treatment!