Sports massage for cyclists

Cycling is an endurance sport that can create a build up waste products in the muscles which can reduce the muscle recovery rate when exercise ceases.  A Sports massage can greatly aid the flushing of muscle wastes by stimulating blood flow, easing tension and encouraging muscle fibre repair. Blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients – essential for efficient muscle repair.  Of course this action does happen naturally, but massage speeds the process and also re-lengthens overworked and shortened muscles. That’s where Gower Holistic comes in and I now regularly assist Swansea Bikers to maintain strong, healthy muscles.

Image by Rokas Niparavičius

Many cyclists suffer from constant strain on the lower back by being in a forward flexed position whilst holding on to the handle bars. This position may cause injuries to the hip flexors, lower back extensors and the sciatic nerve.  Also, your hamstrings might suffer because they never fully lengthen while cycling causing them to shorten over a period of time.  The hamstrings may then alter the position of your pelvis which in turn can lead to all sorts of lower back problems.  Gower Holistic Therapies use deep stretching techniques to re-lengthen hamstrings along with massage to release lower back and other muscle tensions.

Whilst in the cycling position your neck and upper back are bent over for long periods and, if you are a serious cyclist, you’ve probably felt the aches and pains next day. As a qualified Sports Masseuse, my job is to ease away the causes of these aches and pains – preferably before they occur. By releasing chest tensions my aim is to aid your breathing because your ability to take in oxygen is crucial to your cycling performance.

Your neck will also inevitably suffer over time because leaning forward and the holding your head back in order to look forward (especially with the extra weight of your helmet) may cause a stiff neck.  A stiff neck can soon become painful if this is not dealt with this can also give rise to headaches and extreme tension around your shoulder area.

Cycling is extremely repetitive exercise whilst you push yourself through long/hard miles with hands gripping the handlebars throughout. Wrists, shoulders, hips, knees quadriceps and calf muscles are particularly susceptible to repetitive muscle strains. Should you incur an injury such as a pulled muscle then it is very advisable to have a massage in order to minimise scar tissue which, if left behind, can give rise to a re-occurring injuries.

Cycling is an extremely physically demanding sport which is there to be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle. Gower Holistic Sports Massages are on hand to maximise the enjoyment of your sport.