TAPING and strapping

Taping and strapping is used to prevent and treat injuries for athletes and sportspeople, but also for clients in general.

Taping also helps to improve proprioception by maintaining joint alignment. It allows the affected area to rest, which may prevent and reduce swelling. If an injury is not rested and treated correctly, it can potentially lead to further in inflammation, delay recovery, and even hinder the full regaining of normal function within the area.

Applications of taping and strapping Taping and strapping can be used to both prevent and treat a number of injuries all over the body, such as the shoulders, arms, wrists, knees, hamstrings and ankles.

Taping and strapping is also suitable for a client outside the sports massage context, for example, to speed recovery of a wrist injury caused by a fall or for general conditions, such as bad poor posture.